Frequently Asked Questions - Individual

  • I am interested in your service, what do I need to do?
    • Please contact IDoGood via e-mail or phone to arrange for a free evaluation of the items you want to consign and donate.
    • Describe in detail the items, making note of any defects or other information, including age and state of the items, original receipts, or proof of purchase, etc.
    • Include pictures, where possible, and sends them via email.
    • Once all information is collected, IDoGood will contact you within 72 hours with the details of the evaluation and assess whether Riley qualifies for the service.


  • What do I need to qualify for the service?
    • To qualify, all items combined need to be worth more than $1500 and each item worth more than $35 in the second-hand market. For reference, the average difference between new and second-hand prices range from 3x to 4x i.e. the same $1000 new coat costs between $333 to $250 in the second-hand market.


  • Are there any restricted or not accepted items for sale?
    • For restricted, illegal, or not accepted items, please see the last pages of our Terms of Service. IDoGood has the right to reject items that it deems are not sellable in the second-hand market.


  • Are there fees associated with the IDoGood service?
    • There are no upfront fees associated with our service. Once your items sell, we act like a consignment store and get a commission for every item. Our commission ranges from 30% to 80% depending on the value of the item (the more expensive your item, the lower the commission). IDoGood also charges a service fee for the in-home service ($149 plus tax), that collects it from the sales proceeds. If items are worth more than $2500 within a 60-day window, we will waive that fee. For detailed fees, see Terms of Service, under Fees section.


  • I got a confirmation e-mail/call from IDoGood, what is next?
    • Once you agree with the proposed pricing of your items and IDoGood fees (see terms and conditions for details), you need to pick a charity and the percentage of the total sales proceeds that you want to donate (minimum is 5 percent). Finally, we need to agree to an in-home date and time so that IDoGood can visit and confirm the evaluated items, pack, ship and photograph your items to our offices.


  • Do I really have to donate?
    • Yes, 5 percent is the minimum of the sales proceeds that go to charity. We wanted to make it easy and fun for people to donate, after all, every little help, and we want the whole world to become DoGooders!


  • What if my preferred charity is not on the list?
    • IDoGood partners with reputable charities and has the right to reject any charity that has a bad reputation or is a high risk. Most charities, however, do qualify.


  • Can I choose more than one charity to donate to?
    • At this stage you can choose to split his charity donation to up to two charities. Note that you may not qualify for a tax receipt or tax credit if the donated amount is not sufficient.


  • Are you flexible with your in-home pickup schedule? Can I change the day/time?
    • You can change the day/time up to 48 hours before the scheduled time and up to 2 times. After that, we will reserve the right not to serve you.


  • OK, now that in home-pickup time is scheduled, what’s next?
    • Once confirmed, we will send you the names (with pictures) of the team who will do the in-home pickup. The team will provide initial verification and evaluation of items. Terms of service will be signed by you and IdoGood electronically before the pick-up. Items will be taken to the warehouse where they will be expertly priced and listed on the marketplaces within 72hrs. Bulky and/or sensitive items will remain in your place until sold. IDoGood will then arrange for logistics from you to the buyer.


  • How do you price my items? What if I disagree with the price you set?
    • We research the market, including e-bay and other marketplaces to assess the price of a similar item like yours. If your item is of very high value, we have a specialist evaluator to make sure that you get the most value for your item. Before we list the items, we will make sure that you are in agreement. If you are not happy with a specific item listing, we will return the item and charge you a restocking fee of $35 per item plus shipping costs plus tax.


  • How long will you have my items in the marketplace?
    • We will put your items in the marketplace for 30 days. If they do not sell, we will start reducing the advertised price by up to 50% for another 30 days. This is a total of 60 days.


  • What happens if my items are sold?
    • Once your item is sold, IDoGood will pay you within 30 days after the purchaser receives the item. Further, IDoGood shall remit the percentage of the sale donated to the charity chosen by you, so that the charity will issue a tax receipt for you.


  • When do I receive a tax receipt for the sale?
    • This will depend on the charity of choice since charities have their own rules on how they issue tax receipts.


  • What happens if I change my mind and want my items back?
    • You can change your mind anytime before the items are sold and are in IDoGood’s possession. You will have to pay a non-refundable restocking fee of $35 plus the shipping costs plus tax to get the item back.


  • If the item is sold there is nothing we can do. There are a couple of exceptions, first, if the buyer wants to return the item, you will have the option to relist it or have the item sent back (by paying a $35 restocking fee plus shipping plus tax). If the item is not functioning or is counterfeit, IDoGood reserves the right to either return the item for a restocking and shipping fee, relist it at a lower price or dispose of the item.


  • What happens if my items do not sell?
    • If your items do not sell for the total of 60 days, we can either re-list them at a lower price or return them to you for free.
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Italy 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
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